The Prince of Old Havana, written and directed by Migdia Chinea, is a film inspired by the true life story of Alberto Yarini, slated for release in 2015.

Inspired by this historical figure, the film tells the story of Yarini, a mysterious and powerful political broker and sexual merchant who dominates Havana in 1910. When Yarini falls for the President’s wife, another woman, a beautiful mulatta who has loved him since childhood, uses Afro-Cuban religion to get him back. But she is warned that calling upon the African saints to do harm can result in dire consequences. Her plan backfires and she changes the course of events.

“The Prince of Old Havana,” represents the romance of Havana in 1910 and a sense of identity through my identification with antiheroes like him. In filming Yarini’s life, I’m tapping into something of great originality. The telling and retelling of his story has given rise to Havana’s myth — one that continues to evolve and grow into the twenty-first century. A young man possessed of all things — supreme self-assurance, freedom and a mobile mind — he soon became a rising politician revered by everyone, from the poor to the upper-echelons of Havana society. The Yarini antihero represents the expression of raw sexuality and power. – The Director’s Vision