Ciboney Productions

Ciboney Productions is an independent film and television production company founded by Migdia Chinea in 1997.


Migdia Chinea DirectorMigdia Chinea, Founder and President of Ciboney Productions

Through Ciboney Productions, Migdia has written, directed, and produced numerous award-winning short films. Ms. Chinea studied film at the graduate UCLA school of Theater, Film, Television and Digital Media receiving her MFA in Film in 2012. Her 2011 UCLA films “anonymous (street meat)” and “Kninth Floor” have screened in Cannes and dozens of festivals worldwide, including in Saint Petersburg, Russia, at the Philip K Dick Sci-fi Film Festival in Lille, in France and New York, at the Polish Film Festival, Cyprus Film Festival, Seoul S. Korea Film Festival, and many others. She has been a staff writer for Sony Pictures and has worked extensively as a screenwriter with dozens of on-screen credits, including “The Incredible Hulk” and “Superboy,” among many others.

An Artist in Residence, Ms. Chinea uses her home as her studio film set and lives among props and wardrobe. She has won recognition for her emphasis on character-driven stories and use of fragmented images, lights and shadows to create impact. As a WGA member, she was a charter delegate to the Sundance producers program tailored around co-production/distribution. Her film “Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro” is based on the life of a famous politician and examines human trafficking and corrupt politics within the growing mysticism of 1910 Havana. She is the Producer/Writer/Director of the feature film “The Prince of Old Havana,” currently in pre-production.

FrankFrank Varela, Vice-President/Creative Director at Ciboney Productions.

Born and raised in Los Angeles of a Cuban political exile family, Mr. Varela obtained a BFA in Design from UCLA and has been a professional graphic designer and art director for the entertainment industry, including at Warner Bros, Fox and Disney. He’s the Creative Director of “anonymous (street meat),” “Ard Eevin,” “Kninth Floor” and “Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro.”

For the past 8 years, Mr. Varela was a high-level art director of toy packaging at Mattel, where he won many awards for his packaging designs. Mr. Varela’s logo designs have been published in PRINT’s Regional Design Annual as well as the Logo Lounge books, and the New York Times, among others, He self-published a book, CONCEPTiCONS, based on his personal design work.

Frank Varela’s work in chronological order: Batman Begins, The Batman Animated Series,Justice League Unlimited, DC Super Heroes, DC Super Friends, Kung Fu Panda, DC Universe, DC Infinite Heroes, Masters Of The Universe, Batman & Superman: Public Enemies, Ghostbusters, The Dark Knight Rises, Green Lantern Movie Masters, The Man of Steel Movie Masters. He is the Art Director of “The Prince of Old Havana.”