The Team

The Crew



  • Migdia Chinea

    Migdia Chinea

    • Wendy Kram

      Wendy Kram

    • Pawel Gula

      Pawel Gula

    • Maks Naporowski

      Maks Naporowski

      Digital Cinematography
    • Frank Varela

      Frank Varela

      Creative Director
    • Sian Chen

      Sian Chen

      Associate Producer/Art Director
    • Raul Murciano Jr.

      Raul Murciano Jr.

      Music Producer
    • Skip Spiro

      Skip Spiro

      Supervising Film Editor
    • Marcos Butron Jr.

      Marcos Butron Jr.

      Production Sound Mixer
    • Mandla Bolekaja

      Mandla Bolekaja

      Sound Film Editor
    • Mike Chinea

      Mike Chinea

      Production Manager
    • Carmen Duran

      Carmen Duran

      Production Assistant
    • Amie Darboe

      Amie Darboe

      Production Coordinator
    • Bella Silverstein

      Bella Silverstein

      Assistant Director
    • Vladek Juszkievicz

      Vladek Juszkievicz

      Production Advisor

The Cast

sara baileySara Bailey (Copito) was born in Australia and has performed on numerous American, as well as Aussy, productions.  Sara has played many unique roles, from a Zombie to a medical doctor.  Her credits include, Careless Love, Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro, The Egyptian, Ministry of Sound's – Tonite Only's Haters Gonna Hate, Green Planet.  She also co-wrote  Friend Zone, currently in post-production.


Xochitl DuranXochitl Duran (Bertha Dubois) has played roles from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, bringing life to the classic Blood Wedding.  She showed her Latin spice in Italian American Reconciliation and has been mentored by Cal Arts on numerous film productions.  A Carnegie-Mellon Grad, Xochitl found herself back in her hometown of Los Angeles filming HBO’s, Walkout, CSI Miami, and starring in Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro.  She also co-wrote, produced and starred on the Indie film, Soo Soo Go to Heaven.   Her secret ambition is to “co-star with Anjelica Houston.”


darius head shot cropped (1)Darius Frye (Paco Rios) hails from Memphis TN, where he attended the University of Memphis, which has led to several collegiate awards for acting, including the prestigious, Ostrander, for best actor (2009).  After graduating, Darius moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing. While booking indie films and commercials Tricks, Funeral Arrangements,  Into The Woods, Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro, Kninth Floor, Radio Shack, Tough Love, and Under Armour, Darius has written numerous screenplays, short stories and stage plays, as well as poetry and music lyrics.

Guillermo Jorge headshotGuillermo Jorge (Vincent Lalot), known to his friends as “Mito”, is a first-generation Cuban-American of Spanish descent.  Originally from Coconut Grove, Florida, at age 14, he spent two years working on the fishing barges of Barcelona, Spain, with his uncle.  Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, he attended medical school in Santo Domingo, where he received a doctorate in medicine.  He has worked professionally on a number of American productions, including Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro where he played Yarini’s antagonist, Lalot, a powerful pimp from Marseille.

 Shelly Kurtz (Cuban President Zayas) was born in the Bronx, graduated Yeshiva University and went to graduate school at Syracuse University.  He’s been acting for forty five years on TV and Film.  Including The Lepidoctor  (Best short/ Cannes 2012) and Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro (Polish Film Festival special selection),   The Darkling opposite F. Murray Abraham.  He’s appeared in over 100 plays.  Some of his favorites are Don’t Forget to Remember, Countermen,  Three Views of the Same Object,  The Bridge Club, New Jerusalem,  Brooklyn USA and so many more.

Jack landron headshotJack Landrón (Galin) recently moved his base of operation in New York to Los Angeles where he earned many of the credits added to his name, including the role of Galin, the Orisha priest in Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro.  He’s not only a film and stage actor, but he’s also a singer/guitarist, composer, recording artist, raconteur, political activist and union leader.  He’s “thrilled to be ‘the’ opening sequence of ‘Old Havana…’, a gorgeous film.”


www.Redblueredblue.comJosie Martineux  (Cuban First Lady) is from Chico, CA and is an MFA graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television. She was recently seen on stage in Leonard Manzella’s acclaimed play Cages.  Other theater credits include Caliban in The Tempest, Cavale in Cowboy Mouth, and Lady Anne in Richard III.  Film credits include Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro, Kninth Floor, When a Dream Comes True.  She has worked with Chinea on multiple films, including the official Cannes selection “Anonymous: Street Meat.”


Paloma Morales HeadshotPaloma Morales (Violeta) has been acting since was a young girl in Cuba.  After arriving to the US, Paloma began performing in the local stage as a dancer, singer, impersonator and actress.  In the 80’, she devoted herself to her singing career.  Being that Paloma is a versatile woman, she has cultivated her career as an actress so that her endeavors have led her to a prominent place in Spanish TV shows and  national commercials.   A Spanish language specialist, Paloma is also a wife and mother and she recently starred as “The Soap Star (La Estrella de Telenovelas)” in “Menopausia, el Musical”.

Ruben Rabasa HeadshotRuben Rabasa (Senator Guzman) is Cuban-born via New York and Miami and has acted in over 64 plays and 36 films. His film credits include Jack and Jill, The Lost City, For Love or Country, The Perez family, Trading Hearts, anonymous (street meat) and Kninth Floor among many others.  Ruben was the star of the critically acclaimed Amigos and has performed as a stand-up comedian at The Ice House in Pasadena.  He has completed work on his self-portrait comedy DVD Las Dos Caras de Rabasa, and the short drama Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro. 


Vincent van Hinte headshot croppedVincent van Hinte (Alberto Yarini) is a Dutch actor born to Robert van Hinte and Marja van Dorssen, who decided at age 24 to move to Hollywood. As the youngest of three kids, he has always looked up to his brother Gerben and his sister Suzanne and wanted to make his family proud by becoming a great actor.  He has worked on projects like Star Trek, Kninth Floor and played the title role of Yarini in Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro.  Vinnie feels “blessed with the opportunities he has been given and fortunate to have met the people that make him who he is today.”

Other roles to be cast during pre-production.