1910. The United States has given up control of Havana and the oldest profession runs rampant in the city. One particular establishment, run by a powerful and enigmatic politician of European descent, is the place where backroom deals are made and where the most beautiful girls can be found.Within the confines of this household, he is the absolute ruler of an alternate universe characterized by mysticism and human trafficking.  

To view a teaser of The Prince of Old Havana (edit completed in September 2015 by Nick Havryluk), visit https://vimeo.com/138185118 and enter havana2015 as the password. 

To view Migdia Chinea's other current works:

When it rains… (feature film in progress; edit by Krysten Porras), visit https://vimeo.com/137634088password  and enter whenitrains as the password.

Red on Red (work-in-progress; edit completed in October 2015 by Kelly Nguyen) https://vimeo.com/138951112  and enter migdia as the password.