April 2016 

When It Rains, now a feature film in production, nears completion. 

October 2015 

Prince of Old Havana director Migdia Chinea has been named a second round finalist for the Sundance Institute's Screenwriting/Directing Lab for The Prince Old Havana and a second round finalist for Sundance/Sloan Commissioning Grant & Fellowship for SHROUD.  

September 2015

Migdia Chinea's When It Rains has been selected for the Chelsea Film Festival's 2015 Official Short Film Lineup.  It's one of 47 short films to receive this honor. 


Ciboney Productions was successfully launched at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2014, as we took part in the Producer's Network/Workshop with our film THE PRINCEOF OLD HAVANA —

As President and representative of Ciboney Productions, Chinea had meetings with American (US and European based), French and European production companies — which included executive producers and other representatives from the US, Denmark,Sweden, France, Serbia, Poland, Montenegro, Belgium, Finland and Herzegovina. We also attended discussions on Women in Film, Independent Financing, Production Locations, Creative Logistics and Foreign Distribution.

The glamour and the hustle bustle of Cannes were a reminder of the golden age of cinema–when Brigitte Bardot was said to have been discovered in the French Riviera. There were in attendance fantastically beautiful and interesting- looking people – so many, in fact, that filled the eye. The parties, the crowds and the wonderful films exhibited which were beyond dispute.. the Red Carpet screenings filled with sheer exuberant virtuosity and Gallic panache. But there was the Festival itself, at once obvious and magnetic–a sport of voyeuristic delight, sensual and exciting in equal measure, a decadent experience that comes from watching the biggest festival in the world unfold before your very eyes.

As part of the company's European trip, Chinea attended meetings in Paris and Denmark, as well-–so that the company's projects are now in various corners of the world – these projects include SHROUD, WHEN IT RAINS AND ANONYMOUS (STREET MEAT)–the latter is in discussion for possible production on an unusual location in Belgium.

Ciboney Productions was helped along by the wonderful people at the American Pavilion without whose support and assistance we may not have been able to maintain our super busy schedule, which was a whirlwind of ferocious intensity.


THE PRINCE OF OLD HAVANA is based on the true story about a man of incredible personal charisma, Alberto Yarini. It is a period piece that evokes the lusty, Latin world of Cuba’s capital in 1910.

This is a humming world of Victorian values, but also a world of song, dance, bright colors, spicy food and hard drink. Life was to be lived! Whites, blacks and mulattoes (term used to refer to a person who is born from one white parent and one black parent) mingled in the streets. The air was clean, the water fresh, and the clip-clop of hooves on cobblestones could be heard daily.

People worked hard and played harder, and Yarini’s girls were there at the end of the day, to dole out pleasure in unlimited quantities. Unlike other prostitutes, these girls came from France and elsewhere, and were willing to perform sexual feats never before experienced in Havana.

The politicians took note of this, and were dutifully decorous during the day, but nefariously nasty at night. Yarini never gave anyone away; that’s why he was so valuable to the pols, and soon had great power in Havana. Dashing and handsome, he was a knight in demeanor; everyone loved him. He could marshal the populace to vote one way or the other, and easily get politicians to look the other way while he ran his bordello—especially since they were its main clients.

This is a film that contrasts the two types of women allowed to exist in that era, the repressed Victorian housewife, whose only identity was through her powerful husband, and the working girl, the prostitute. Yarini flitted back and forth between these two types of women, between the worlds of love, power and influence and the worlds of submission, mysticism, powerlessness and lust.

Someone, however, will betray Yarini. He will die young and become one for the ages. His story is a sensual one. It mixes charm and lust, power and pleasure, money and corruption, magic and realism. It is the story of Old Havana. It is also the oldest story in the world.


We are reaching out to our potential audience through all media platforms, mainstream press screenings, and memorable screen moments.

Submissions to top-tier film festivals are followed up with a public relations campaign to news outlets in appropriate markets. We plan to open in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, and then roll out to all other theaters utilizing quotes from reviews.

This movie deals with the trafficking of women across international borders. We plan to contact human rights organizations and similar groups working to stem the flow of human trafficking. We plan to tie in consciousness-raising publicity with the film’s release.

Depending on the final shooting location for The Prince of Old Havana, there is a possibility for tax incentives available from the Puerto Rico Film Commission, the Tampa Film Commission, and their respective tourist boards.

You can also learn more about the film on IMDb and at FilmFestivals.com.